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Stora Enso, Arauco to invest in Uruguay pulp mill

Jan 18 (Reuters) - Finnish paper maker Stora Enso (STERV.HE) and Arauco, a unit of Chile's Copec (COP.SN), plan to invest $1.9 billion in a 1.3-million-tonne pulp mill in Uruguay, the companies said in a statement on Tuesday. The firms said the mill -- the biggest private investment in Uruguayan history -- would start operations by the end of the first quarter of 2013. Earlier this month, the Uruguayan government granted the joint venture, known as Montes del Plata, environmental clearance. "The mill is forecast to have a positive impact on Uruguay's GDP of 0.8 percent during construction and 2 percent when it is operating," the company statement said. Shares in Arauco were trading up 1.7 percent on Tuesday after jumping 2 percent right after the announcement. Stora Enso's shares were up 3.1 percent.

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Political parties

Uruguay has a multi-party system with three dominant political parties, with extreme difficulty for anybody to achieve electoral success under the banner of any other party. It may be said that to some extent the 'fault lines' of Uruguay's politics have run within the historically dominant Colorado and National parties. Uruguay underwent an intermittent series of civil wars through much of the 19th century, which ended in 1904, and the party system has in the past reflected regional loyalties which emerged during that period. However, with the eclipse in 2004 of the Colorado Party and, indeed, the cooperation of the Colorado and National parties during the 1999 Presidential elections, some realignment of traditional loyalties has come into play. However, the independence of both parties is maintained by members of Colorado and National parties.

Partido Liberal en la encuesta - la opinión pública en línea Partido Liberal / Liberal Party (Uruguay)

Partido Nacional en la encuesta - la opinión pública en línea Partido Nacional o Partido Blanco / National Party or White Party (Uruguay)

Partido Colorado en la encuesta - la opinión pública en línea Partido Colorado / Colorado Party (Uruguay)

Frente Amplio en la encuesta - la opinión pública en línea Frente Amplio (FA) / Broad Front (Uruguay)


The Politics of Uruguay abide by a presidential representative democratic republic, under which the President of Uruguay is both the head of state and the head of government, as well as a multiform party system. The president exercises executive power and Legislative power is vested in the two chambers of the General Assembly of Uruguay. The Judiciary branch is independent from that of the executive and legislature.

Guillermo Stirling Escribano público y político uruguayo. / Uruguayan political figure.
Rodolfo Nin Novoa Fue vicepresidente de la República. / The leader of Progressive Alliance.
Danilo Astori Vicepresidente de Uruguay / The current Vice President of Uruguay.
Eduardo Bonomi Ministro del Interior de Uruguay / Minister of Interior
Héctor Lescano Ministro de Turismo y Deporte / Minister of Tourism of Uruguay
Diego Cánepa Actual Prosecretario de Presidencia. / Current Deputy Secretary of the Presidency.
Jorge Larrañaga Pesidente del Directorio del Partido Nacional y líder de la oposición. / The presidential candidate in 2009.
Pedro Bordaberry Actualmente es Secretario General del Partido Colorado. / Uruguayan political figure
Luis Rosadilla Ministro de Defensa Nacional / Minister of National Defence
Tabaré Vázquez Ex Presidente de Uruguay / Former President of Uruguay
José Mujica El actual presidente de Uruguay. / The current president of Uruguay.